SocialPiq is a service to find the right social media tools for your needs. There are tons of social media tools out there, and SocialPiq keeps track of the important ones, laying out an easy way to understand what they do.

Social media platforms are an effective way to reach an audience, whether you’re an individual blogger or a Fortune 500 company. However, it’s difficult to find the best tools to manage multiple accounts, listen to conversations, schedule posts, and measure results. We’ve made it much easier with SocialPiq. Whether you’re a community manager, brand manager, data analyst, PR pro, or just the poor soul who has been given the task of finding the right set of social tools for their organization. SocialPiq removes the hassle of reviewing endless social tool options and makes it easy to find the ones that are right for you.

SocialPiq is a Pointless Corp. project made by the folks at Viget. After discovering just how fragmented the social tools space was, we decided to build our own service to make things easier.

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